Direct effect eu law essay

The statement in the title to this essay constitutes a bold and arguably tenuous claim. This paper will proceed to demonstrate that the statement set out in the title is false. It is simply not true to say that the conditions governing the use of these doctrines are incoherent, artificial or unjustified.

This point becomes crucial in the following section of this essay. Returning to the basic conditions necessary to invoke direct effect, over the years the European Court of Justice came to formalise a set of criteria to be fulfilled before the right to utilise the doctrine becomes available.

In Grad it was held that in order to found an action on the basis of the doctrine of direct effect the claimant must show that:. In regards to the last condition some EU provisions are designed to be implemented within a given time period Directives typically give Member States approx two years to implement their contents. A provision only becomes unconditional in this sense once the time limit for implementation has expired.

Therefore in this context a Directive with an implementation deadline of December 31 cannot support direct effect on December 28because its transposition date has not yet expired and the provision has not crystallised as a binding source of law. However, a week later on January 4 the Directive would be able to support direct effect because it has become a binding obligation which should have been fully transposed into national law.

Could it be said that these conditions are either artificial or incoherent? Absolutely not. It is obvious that any measure of law needs to fulfil basic criteria in order to sustain enforceability and these clearly include clarity, certainty, specificity and that it is unconditional and binding in nature.

This is a matter of plain commonsense. The other condition necessarily to be fulfilled in order to invoke direct effect is admittedly harder to justify on the ground of ordinary commonsense, but it is nonetheless essential for reasons that will be explained. The European Court of Justice distinguishes between two different forms of direct effect. The distinction is subject to the nature of the status of the body against whom direct effect is intended to be invoked.

These two different forms are vertical direct effect and horizontal direct effect. Vertical direct effect is permitted by the European Court of Justice, while horizontal direct effect is flatly refused. At first sight this distinction does seem arbitrary and incoherent.

How can it possibly be appropriate to accept or refuse actions based on the same point of law merely on the ground of the status of the target of the litigation?

The Treaty provision does not extend this obligation to private parties. The Court in Marshall proceeded to find:. The Court proceeded to make the point that those asserting that this distinction is unfair or arbitrary should direct their criticism not to it, but to the Member State that has defaulted in its obligation to transpose a Directive properly. The Court held:. Therefore it seems at first sight that the distinction is illogical, unfair and incoherent, but in fact it is forced by the words of the Treaty itself.

Given that the text of the Treaty is the democratic result of political negotiation, compromise and consensus between twenty seven Member States it is clear that it is unlikely to be legally uniform and comprehensive as to its effect.

In endorsing vertical direct effect but refusing horizontal direct effect the Court of Justice is not creating an arbitrary condition and restriction, it is merely acting in compliance with the words of the Treaty, to which it is bound hand and foot in its interpretation of EU law.

There is one further condition to be met in the case of vertical direct effect where the action is directed not against the Member State itself but against some body that is said to be an emanation of the State.

It is necessary to prove that the body is sufficiently connected to the State as to render it liable to fulfil the Article TFEU obligation. It is necessary to point to public control or funding, some special authority or power exercised by the body that would typically be exercised by the State, or some special relationship between the body and the State that affords the body a special advantage or attribute.

This condition is not arbitrary either. It is important to determine that a body is close enough to the State to be able to identify it as part of the State for the purposes of the imposition of the Article TFEU duty.

In sum, none of the conditions necessary to be satisfied before the direct effect doctrine can be invoked are arbitrary, artificial or incoherent. It is true that it is a complex area, but analysed individually each condition has its place and can be justified logically. Thankfully this is much more straightforward. This is a very loose doctrine in comparison to direct effect itself, given that it relies on a degree of similarity between existing national law and an EU provision.In this essay I will be examining the principle of direct effect and supremacy.

I will be discussing how they were created and their development also the relationship between the two. I will start off by defining them first, then stating how they were created and developed and lastly discussing their relationship. Direct effect is the principle that Union law may, if appropriately framed, confer rights on individuals which the courts of member states of the European Union are bound to recognise and…. Madison was a benchmark United States Supreme court case in which the court formed the foundation for the exercise of Judicial review under Article 3 of the US constitution.

The landmark decision of this case, defined the boundaries between the Executive and Judicial branches of the US government. William Marbury had been appointed justice of Peace in the district of Columbia by the…. As we know parliamentary sovereignty is very important within the UK law. To express the importance, parliamentary supremacy means that parliament has unlimited legal power to act within any law without external restraint.

Parliamentary supremacy came into the UK in William of Orange and Mary did not approve and as…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 4.

EU Law - Non Discrimination

Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards.In this regard, the Court of the European Union CJEU has enhanced the effectiveness of EU law by expanding the concept of direct effect to primary sources such as Treaty provisions and to secondary origins of EU law such as regulations and, in exceptions, to directives Reinisch The essay starts by focusing on the direct effect of primary EU law, particularly Treaty Articles, before discussing the principle regarding secondary sources, especially directives.

After that, strategies developed by the CJEU to neutralise the impact of the rule that directives do not have horizontal direct effect are debated, leading to the conclusion that indirect effect becomes less important.

However, it is accepted everywhere with only few exceptions Witte However, there is a second definition since while many norms of EU law that do not have the creation of rights for individuals as a goal, they are still a useful tool for supervising the actions of Member States Witte Two main reasons for developing direct effect were the securing effectiveness of EU law within Member States, and the consistent application of Union law Dougan The case was about a Dutch company that imported chemicals from Germany into the Netherlands and stated that Dutch tax authorities applied supposedly increased custom duties on its products contrary to Art.

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This case is an example of vertical direct effect as Van Gend en Loos as an individual challenged a public authority of the Dutch state. This is supported by the fact that the formulation of the doctrine is not only addressed at the Dutch tax authority but at all courts in all EU Member States Witte The case centred on the former Article 19 EC, now Art.

This shows that Treaty Articles have horizontal direct effect. In Art. Moreover, a directive must be correctly implemented by the EU states within the prescribed time limit Dougan The second cause for direct effect of directives is based on Art.

Horizontal direct effect of directives is therefore enunciated. EU Law. C G Carolina Gerwin Author. Add to cart. Sign in to write a comment.

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Read the ebook. The protection of individual rights i Indirect effects of global climate ch From the T Die neue Verbraucherrechte-Richtlinie Corporate Social Responsibility.

Umsetzung und Anforderungen der neuen The Role of the Precautionary Princip Intellectual Property and EU Law. Legal aspects of the EU policy in tac The Future Regulation of Aviation in EU Competition Law. Optimum Enforceme Foreign Direct Investment.

direct effect eu law essay

A Review o Will Privacy Law in the 21st CenturyThe EU can act only within the limits of its competence, and has them only as much as entrusted its Member States.

Before this state of affairs, the competences of the EU were regulated by Articles 5 and 7 of the Treaty Establishing the European Community Consolidated Version, [1] :. The Community shall act within the limits of the powers conferred upon it by this Treaty and of the objectives assigned to it therein[…]The tasks entrusted to the Community shall be carried out by the following institutions:[…] Each institution shall act within the limits of the powers conferred upon it by this Treaty.

The current treaties are linked to the above rules. The main purpose of this essay is to analyse which doctrine has had the bigger impact on EU law: direct effect or supremacy.

Direct Effect Basic Principles Law European Essay

The essay consists of an introductory section which sets the context, three chapters and a list of sources. The first chapter analyses and interprets the doctrine of the supremacy of EU law. It provides a clear definition of the doctrine of supremacy, supported by relevant case law.

In addition, it presents a historic account of the determination of the supremacy doctrine. Determinants of the doctrine of the direct effect of EU law is the topic of the second chapter.

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In this section, the author explains the mechanism of the doctrine of the direct effect and outlines the conditions for direct effect. Finally, it provides information regarding the monist and dualist systems of law ,and the difference between the vertical and horizontal effects. In this instance, the comparative method was relevant to presenting the bilateral relations between both doctrines and their impacts. Berski, A. European Law Commons. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright.

Skip to main content. Rights This item is available under a Creative Commons License for non-commercial use only. Before this state of affairs, the competences of the EU were regulated by Articles 5 and 7 of the Treaty Establishing the European Community Consolidated Version, [1] : The Community shall act within the limits of the powers conferred upon it by this Treaty and of the objectives assigned to it therein[…]The tasks entrusted to the Community shall be carried out by the following institutions:[…] Each institution shall act within the limits of the powers conferred upon it by this Treaty.

Recommended Citation Berski, A. Included in European Law Commons. Enter search terms:. Digital Commons.This question concerns the application of direct effect to the facts in question. Fergie takes legal proceedings against Charlston Council to claim compensation for his injury. The council seems to have complied with the domestic law which stipulate only that, the caterers has a duty to eliminate unhealthy food.

direct effect eu law essay

The Act is silent on genetically modified food. The CJEU case-law on horizontal direct effect of directives arguably lacks consistency in regards to the application of the general principle. The principle of direct effect was established in Van Gend en Loos v. Nederlandse Administratie der Belastingen. Home Office. In the case where one of the above. The different sources of law serve the existence of The EU and explain how the law apply. The primary source of law that formed from the treaties between the members at the establishment of the union was mainly created to bind all the states together, moreover The International Agreements between them, while directives and.

This conferring of right would enable an individual to invoke the provision before the courts. However, the power of direct effect as a tool of enforcement means that the CJEU has had to resist impulses to overextend its application. This essay will argue that rather than unnecessarily undermining the doctrine of direct effect, the CJEU has skilfully managed to create an effective enforcement regime for directives while applying.

An effective, coherent system is essential for uniformity. The principle cites that when national and EU conflicts, EU law is supreme.

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Direct Effect A cause of action the claimant could use to exercise their rights could be direct effect. Direct effect is noted to have two interpretations, broad and narrow. The former states that it is. The doctrines of direct effect and supremacy are extremely important because they require national courts to apply European Union law over any conflicting provision of national law.

This essay will first consider the doctrine of direct effect, its advantages and disadvantages and it will go on examining the doctrine of supremacy, how it can be assessed and its relation with the doctrine of direct effect. Finally, some conclusion will be drawn as to how the direct effect and supremacy of Union law. Using the Article procedure the Tariefcommissie referred two questions to the Court. Direct Effect Principle Words 7 Pages.

Introduction 1 Most European Union law hereinafter referred as EU law textbooks showcase that the evolution of direct effect principle gave rise to various debatable issues. It is blatant that directive appears to be a double-edged sword by protecting fundamental rights guaranteed by the Union law, taken jointly, ensuring the uniform application of Union law across the Member States.

Further, Paul Craig denoted that direct effect becomes more complex in relations to directives compared to …show more content… Vertical Direct Effect Aforementioned, directives are capable of having binding effects for vertical relationships, having satisfied Van Gend conditions. However, apparently this discretion can be derived 3 from the definition itself, where left discretion to Member States. Paul Craig commented that this discretion poses problems for the State to balance between the conflicting aims of direct effect and leaving the manner of implementation to Member State.

However, this problem was resolved by CJEU in earlier case, Grad, conceding that the Member State potentially have the discretion to implement it until the time lapse. Ratti case clearly established the principle that the individuals is capable to rely on this rights once the time limit has expired. Furthermore, Van Gend affirmed the supremacy of community law, which later officially declared by Treaty of Lisbon through implementation of Declaration 17 to validate the supremacy status as a bedrock doctrine for Union Law, simultaneously having the effect of invalidating any contradictory national law.

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direct effect eu law essay

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EU Law. Direct and Indirect Effect

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direct effect eu law essay

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